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We are a dedicated team from the Iranian diaspora and within Iran, with a diverse range of experiences, including mentoring and learning. Our united goal is to use our collective knowledge to foster collaboration and contribute to the betterment of Iran.

Iranaissance stands as a beacon of collaboration and education, operating as a nonprofit platform.

Our Mission:

Our core mission is to weave a strong bond between the Iranian diaspora and the citizens of Iran. Through this connection, we aim to inspire and equip them with the tools and knowledge to rebuild our homeland, ensuring Iran’s rightful place in the global economic landscape.

Join the Journey: Embracing the Iranaissance Movement

We are dedicated to assisting Iran on its path to economic greatness. Fueled by our deep love for Iran, Iranaissance is committed to bolstering its resurgence and ensuring its rightful place among the world's economic elite. 

Our plan is to create a collaborative platform that connects networks and individual experts, both inside and outside of Iran, all dedicated to the cause of rebuilding Iran with love and passion. 


We prepare for success by promoting collaboration, adopting international business best practices, developing a database of experts for rebuilding Iran, and socializing blueprints to better communicate and assist in coordinating the initiatives. 


Collaboration is our guiding principle. We champion an open and honorable platform, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the promotion of best practices. We believe that ongoing dialogue and clear communication are key to our evolution. 

In this journey, we are different because we focus on rebuilding the economy and connecting Iranian experts from all corners of the world. We emphasize that the people of Iran will be the ones deciding their own future. Through open communication and a commitment to prosperity, we aim to create the Iran Reconstruction Fund and deliver projects that will transform the nation. 


Iranaissance collaborates with The Art Fund (, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity committed to promoting secular democracy in Iran. Together with our members, contributors (who donate through The Art Fund), and the broader Iranian community, we aspire to partner with everyone, grounded in these core values: 










Vision of a New Iran

For a new, free Iran to assume its rightful place as a world powerhouse, certain key visions must be realized, and considerable expertise and investment will be required to implement them. The following are a number of key strategies that we have identified. We intend to further refine and add to these as we work closely with experts and scholars, inside and outside Iran. Consider this a working document—a step toward formulating a final plan.

  1. Maximizing the Existing Oil and Gas Resources:

  2. Economic Diversification

  3. Education and Innovation

  4. Infrastructure Development

  5. Foreign Investment and Trade

  6. Political Stability and International Relations

  7. Human Rights and Rule of Law

  8. Energy and Environmental Sustainability

  9. Cultural Diplomacy

All these strategies require long-term planning, effective governance, and coordinated efforts across various sectors. As noted, these can be refined and added to. But as guiding principles, we see these strategies as vital for establishing Iran not only as an economic powerhouse, but as a beacon to the world—a shining testimony to the irrepressible nature of the human spirit.


What the Renaissance of Iran Means to the World

A free and democratic Iran will mean liberation for the oppressed people of Iran and a blessing to the world in myriad ways. As the country assumes its rightful place in world society, it will spell an end to domestic injustice and international terrorism. A free Iran can and will become an economic powerhouse—a trading partner with vast natural resources and a highly motivated and educated workforce. Iran’s rich cultural heritage will flower and help light the world with art, music, and culture. A free Iran will be an Iranaissance for the benefit of all mankind.

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Through the selection and engagement of leaders and advisory board members, Iranaissance aims to assemble a team of experts from diverse fields.

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