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National Balanced Score Card Concept as an Accelerant of Iran’s Economic Development


The goal of the project is to accelerate the reconstruction of Iran by shifting focus from strategy formation to strategy execution. It aims to create an integrated strategy-focused system that fosters effective collaboration, aligns objectives, measures progress, and empowers Iranians to envision and work towards a prosperous future for their country.

Project Vision

To reconstruct and develop Iran’s economy through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives.


The project highlights the importance of executing ideas and strategies for the stabilization and development of the Iranian economy. It emphasizes the need for a manageable and measurable government performance tool, an integrated collaboration system, and the adoption of a balanced scorecard approach to align objectives and make informed decisions. Additionally, the project proposes using a Monte Carlo simulation to assess the impact of initiatives and set attainable targets.


By bringing clarity and unity to collective efforts, the project aims to inspire international support and empower Iranians to strive for the Iran they deserve. It invites individuals, academics, and entrepreneurs from Iran and across the world to join the project, introduce new initiatives, and collaborate towards an Iranaissance.


Join us for project introductions and collaborations from inside Iran or across the world

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