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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I collaborate with Iranaissance? 

If you are interested in helping to rebuild Iran, please join our various initiatives. Our initiatives vary in scope and expertise.  We can collaborate via your group and or individually.   Our platform is very collaborative and welcomes all corporations.    Please either join us or work with us on the various projects we have.   We can accomplish a lot in the planning phases of projects.  We are also experimenting executing some of the projects.  

What are your primary goals?

Our primary goal is to provide a platform for Iranians outside of Iran to contribute to making
Iran an economic powerhouse. We believe that now is the time to begin the rebuilding process by preparing our plans and teams, promoting collaboration for the ultimate goal of prosperity.

What is the Bank of Iranian Innovators?

The Bank of Iranian Innovators is a database of companies and individuals who can participate
in this effort and provide tangible expertise in the effort to rebuild Iran. We are actively recruiting experts and companies in four main sectors:


  • Technology

  • Infrastructure

  • Finance

  • Business Law, Ethics, and Integrity


We believe this database and the expertise it represents will inspire Iranians in Iran to
proactively become part of Iranaissance.

You can participate in the Bank of Iranian Innovators by providing your bio (click here to open our volunteer form) and sharing your success stories—how you have created value for your customers and also how you have supported your employees. You, your company, and these stories can serve as role models for young Iranians who are eager to create their own companies or partner with you in redeveloping Iran.

Are you part of any other associations or groups?


We are not associated with any political organizations. However, we work with other experts who are focusing on the rebuilding Iran. The founding members of Iranaissance are and the Iranian Executive Forum.

Our Scope

  • Diaspora Expertise

  • External Funding Vehicles

  • Broad Based Training

  • Igniting Trust - within and externally

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Governance Models
  • Election Monitoring
  • Creation of Government
  • Judicial Structure
  • Military Structure
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