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The Iranaissance is a collaborative platform that will leverage the expertise of
the Iranian diaspora and the energy of the people of Iran to facilitate the
rebuilding of the country.
Areas we are addressing include:

  • Finance and banking

  • Energy and environment

  • Agriculture and water

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology and services

  • International law



Our projects link the expertise of the Iranian diaspora with the ambitions and
goals of the experts in Iran and young Iranians. A wide variety of programs
will address such needs as rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and
agricultural sectors, spurring a tech-oriented economy, and promoting
platforms for artists and musicians. We anticipate launching many more
projects soon. Our current focus includes:


Future projects coming up:

  • Modern and Resilient Agriculture

  • Honor system

let's list the projects here

Abstract Geometric Structure


The vision of our FarNavard project is for Iran to become a major international center for outsourced and offshore resources.

Graphic Chart


 To reconstruct and develop Iran’s economy through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives.

Abstract Curved Shape

Arts & Culture

Iran’s rich artistic, musical, and cultural heritage has persevered even under the current repressive regime.

Data Technology

Small Business Development Center

The purpose of this project is to establish a network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) at Iranian universities.

Image by Karl Magnuson

Microfinance for Empowering
Women Entrepreneurs

Microfinance for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Underserved Areas of Iran: Building a Network of Success, Economic Growth, and Financial Inclusion"

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