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Small Business
Development Center

The mission of SBDC is to grow the Iranian economy by providing entrepreneurs with education, information, and tools necessary to have higher chances of starting successful businesses.

This economic development program is modeled after the American successful experience in establishing such centers since 1980. In addition to the American experience, this proposal is developed based on research, need assessment and experiences of Iranian entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. 

In Iran, SBDCs is envisioned be first founded at universities that have already established entrepreneurship or similar programs at their graduate levels. Currently, these universities are Sharif, Tehran, Amirkabir and Ghazvin. 

SBDC will provide its funding to universities based on 50 percent matching funds. As the number of SBDC units at the universities grows, there will be a need to establish a link between them via an SBDC coordinator office to create synergism in their operations. 

Project Vision

The purpose of this project is to establish a network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) at Iranian universities.

Iran’s SBDC will be serving the business community in the following areas to improve their efficiency, profitability and productivity:
  • Education and training of entrepreneurs 

  • Product development and feasibility studies

  • Government marketing services

  • Financing services

  • Women entrepreneurship programs

  • International trade program 

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