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Microfinance for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

We aim to identify and support female entrepreneurs in underserved areas of Iran and create a support, resources, and collaboration network. By providing access to capital, mentorship, and tailored business training, we aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem that enables these women to thrive, unleash their potential, and contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.


Empowering women in Iran is of paramount importance to a more inclusive, just, and prosperous society for several reasons. Firstly, the state has been investing immense resources in oppressing women and manufacturing extreme inequality at all levels of society. By challenging and dismantling these systemic barriers, we can work towards establishing a society that upholds individual liberty and gender equality as a fundamental human right and address women's agency in future socio-political changes in Iran. Secondly, women constitute a significant educated portion of the country. Over 91% of high school graduates are women, and their active participation in various spheres, including entrepreneurship, politics, and decision-making, is vital for the overall progress and development of the country. Additionally, women's empowerment plays a crucial role in raising the next generation of Iranians, as around 20% of Iranian women are heads of household and serve as primary caretakers within families. [1] When women are empowered, they can provide better care, education, and support for their children, creating a positive cycle of growth and development. By ensuring that women have equal access to education, healthcare, and opportunities, we can equip them with the necessary tools to raise confident, educated, compassionate individuals who can contribute meaningfully to society. 


Our principle is centered around the belief that communities possess the capacity to identify and utilize resources on their own. Rather than solely relying on external assistance, we prioritize teaching and equipping communities with the necessary skills and knowledge to independently discover and leverage their own geographical, historical, and unique local cuisines and other know-how resources. We aim to create sustainable and resilient communities by fostering self-reliance and empowering community members.

Microfinance for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Underserved Areas of Iran: Building a Network of Success, Economic Growth, and Financial Inclusion"

Objectives and Strategies:

1. To create awareness of this historical women's agency role in today's Iranian society among individuals to take control of their own lives and circumstances.


2. Community Engagement: Fostering a strong sense of belonging and active participation within the community.


3. Leadership Development: Cultivating and nurturing future leaders who can drive positive change in their communities.


4. Networking: Facilitating connections and collaborations among diverse stakeholders to maximize collective impact and leverage resources effectively.

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