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Membership Experience

We welcome experts and volunteers from both inside and outside of Iran to collaborate with various projects. Your involvement is key to our success. To get started, select the "Let’s Work Together" option to share your skills and preferred role, such as volunteer, collaborator, mentor, or mentee. Once we review your details, you'll be invited to further outline your expertise on our platform, Referral Mate. Here, you can connect with other experts and find opportunities to help modernize Iran.  
The Referral Mate application is designed to capture expertise and foster collaboration among experts for Iran's reconstruction. This app encourages creativity, idea development, and partnership opportunities for quicker and effective results for both you and Iran.

Get Involved

Be a part of our organization by providing your expertise and or collaborate with our experts in reconstructing Iran. Opportunities are vast, we have experts in all aspect of the rebuilding
Iran including:

  • Finance and banking

  • Energy and environment

  • Agriculture and water

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology and services

  • International law

We can help you grow in any of these areas and or help you jump start your business assisting the Iran rebuilding efforts. Please specify the areas you are interested to participate in.


Become a lead and assist in rebuilding Iran


Find a mentor and form your future

Assist with our effort and be part of the rebuilding Iran

Become a Volunteer

If you'd like to volunteer, please tell us about your skills, and the area you would like to assist in.


If you are a young Iranian inside or outside the country interested in learning from an expert mentor, please use the form below to apply.


Lend your expertise to mentor a young Iranian on their journey to build a company, learn a trade, or realize an entrepreneurial vision. Please use the form below to apply.

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