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Iranaissance Leaders

Through the selection and engagement of leaders and advisory board members, Iranaissance aims to assemble a team of experts from diverse fields. Their collective expertise will offer strategic guidance essential for the country's reconstruction and development. Some of their roles and responsibilities include:


  • Strategic Planning and Advice: Providing advice and guidance on strategic matters related to the country's rebuilding. This might include infrastructure, economic reform, environmental considerations, social welfare programs, etc.

  • Policy Recommendations: Providing insights and suggestions on the policy directions that would aid in rebuilding and development, such as educational reform, healthcare, governance, entrepreneurship, successful programs jump starting economy, etc.

  • Technical Expertise: Leveraging the technical knowledge of board members in their respective fields to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.

  • Resource Mobilization: Assisting in efforts to attract funding, technical assistance, and other resources from international donors, private sector, or other potential partners.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitating dialogue and building relationships with various stakeholders including political officials and other organizations, private sector, local communities, and international partners.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring the progress of rebuilding efforts and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies, policies, programs and projects implemented. This would involve establishing metrics and benchmarks to measure progress.

  • Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and challenges that could hinder the rebuilding process and proposing mitigation strategies to address them.

  • Capacity Building: Helping to build capacities within the country to ensure that it can sustain its development long after the rebuilding process.

  • Cultural Preservation: Offering advice on preserving and integrating the cultural and historical aspects of Iran into the rebuilding process.

  • Public Communication: Helping to communicate and explain the plans and progress of the rebuilding efforts to the public and international community.

Dr. Shahriar Ahy

Strategic Direction

Dr. Ahy steers the strategic vision of Iranaissance, particularly its reconstruction funds endeavors. With over 40 years in strategic economic development experince, Dr. Ahy's expertise will be leveraged for strategic partnership to obtain a rich reconstruction fund fueling Iran’s economic needs. Previously, he held a directorial position at the US-Baltic Foundation, championing civil society and democratic governance in the Baltic States. Moreover, he was instrumental in establishing the Baltic Fund, marking the inaugural private equity investment fund in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Dr. Taghi Alereza

Managing Director

Dr. Alereza serves as the Managing Director of Iranaissance, overseeing its strategy and collaborations. Dr. Alereza has over a four-decade history in energy development and entrepreneurship. He holds pivotal positions in our affiliated groups advocating for Iran's reconstruction. Furthermore, Dr. Alereza spearheads an energy initiative aimed at maximizing the potential of existing oil and gas reserves to stimulate economic growth, all while pivoting towards diversified industries.

Mojgan Rassael

Lead, Washington DC

"Ms. Rassael spearheads Iranaissance's endeavors in the Washington DC region. She ensures that our strategies and tactics align seamlessly with both non-political and political groups. Ms. Rassaei possesses extensive experience collaborating with non-political entities, focusing on the reconstruction and support of minority communities in both Iran and Iraq."

Dr. Emelia Akhlagi

Lead, Strategy and Communications

Dr. Emelia Akhlaghi serves as one of the spokespersons for Iranaissance, where she also plays an important role in its overall project management initiatives. She holds a PhD in Economics with a specialization in Educational Studies, her research delved into the macroeconomic implications of educational policy implementation. Her focus on the quantitative aspect of policy analysis equips her with the ability to formulate empirical, insightful, and data-driven strategies helping in effectively understanding and communicating complex macroeconomic implications of policy decisions.

Dr. Bardia Hariri

Lead, Strategy, Communications, and Economic Development

Dr. Bardia Hariri drives our economic development strategy and serves as the one of the spokespersons for Iranaissance. Holding a PhD in economics, Dr. Hariri is the driving force behind the overarching economic model of Iranaissance, collaborating closely with Iranian experts globally. Additionally, as the voice of Iranaissance to the media, he is playing played an important role in attracting members and affiliating with other groups, enriching our project portfolio.

Nima Bakhtiary

Lead, Operations and Strategy

Nima Bakhtiary leads Operations at Iranaissance and is central to its strategic and partnership efforts. With more than thirty years in organizational development and expansion, Mr. Bakhtiary’ has experience in devising strategies and integrating technology for mid to large-sized corporations in North America and Europe.

Farahmand Kalayeh

Lead, East Coast, and Outreach Program

Mr. Farahmand Kalayeh is at the helm of our east coast operations and also oversees our outreach initiatives. With an extensivebackground in marketing and social awareness, he has been instrumental to the foundation of Iranaissance. The expertise and extensive network Mr. Kalayeh possesses have been vital in shaping Iranaissance's current stature and accomplishments.

Dr. Alan Bostakian

Advisory Board Member, (Senior Change Management Consultant)

Dr. Alan Bostakian is an advisory board member for Iranaissance, contributing with his extensive expertise in project and change management. He plays an important role in using strategies, methodologies, and tactics to shape the successful transitioning of processes to the desired state, minimize resistance, advance risk intelligence (on the people side of the transitions), support adoption, enhance stakeholder collaboration, align leadership, and integrate feedback.

Robert Bagheri

Northern California Lead

Robert Bagheri leads our operations in Northern California and stands as a foremost expert in next-generation manufacturing within the United States. With a deep-rooted background in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing, Mr. Bagheri's experience spans from nimble startups to major public corporations. As a co-founder of Iranaissance, Mr. Bagheri is also actively engaged in rolling out cutting-edge high-tech manufacturing solutions in the future Iran.

Dr. Armand Ash

 Advisory Board Member,

Dr. Ash serves as a special advisory board member for Iranaissance. Dr. Ash, assist in the quality evaluation of Iranaissance and our partners projects.  In addition, he ensures that the collaboration between Iranaissance and the Phoenix Project of Iran is efficient, aiming to maximize benefits for Iran. Dr. Ash Has expertise in problem-solving and strategic planning through Systems Engineering and Systems Thinking.

Mehdi Moussavi, CPA, CAMS

Advisory Board Member, (Compliance)

Mehdi Moussavi advises Iranaissance on its compliance needs. With background in managing the finances of major corporations, Mr. Moussavi has a decade-long track record in auditing and public accounting, supported by his credentials as a Certified Public Accountant. Mr. Moussavi earned his certification as an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist in January 2015. Since then, he has delved into Enterprise Risk Management, encompassing areas such as AML/BSA Compliance Commercial Insurance, and other significant risk domains.

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