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Uniting for a Resurgent Iran

Updated: Jun 27, 2023


Over the years, a diverse group of individuals, including academics, activists, and professionals from Iran and beyond, have shared a wealth of ideas, projects, and strategies to shape the nation's future. From micro-financing and women-owned small business initiatives to financial system regulations and infrastructural revamps, the goal has been to stabilize and develop the Iranian economy. These efforts are vital for reconstructing the Iran we all aspire to see. However, two crucial questions remain: How do we execute these ideas, and when should we implement them? While we may not have the answer to the latter, we believe that understanding the "how" is key to expediting progress. This blog page explores the significance of strategy execution and proposes a manageable approach to achieve Iran's reconstruction goals.

Section 1: Strategy Formation vs. Strategy Execution

Every idea, project, and thought contributes to the strategy formation process. However, it is crucial to shift our focus towards strategy execution. We require a manageable and measurable government performance tool that enables us to identify, monitor, and measure the initiatives and performance of accountable parties, aligning them with budgetary and national objectives.

Section 2: The Power of an Integrated Strategy-Focused System

To foster effective collaboration with academics and professionals in Iran and across the globe, we need an integrated strategy-focused system. This system will provide clarity of communication, ensuring consistent language and understanding. Such collaboration is essential for gaining international support in the reconstruction project and, more importantly, inspiring and empowering our compatriots in Iran to envision the possibilities and focus on what truly matters—the reconstruction of the Iran they deserve to live in.

Section 3: Balancing Objectives with the Balanced Scorecard

The economic development balanced scorecard is a strategic framework for evaluating the success of governments, encompassing dimensions like financial performance, citizen and stakeholder satisfaction, internal processes, and learning and growth. It provides a comprehensive assessment that enables governments to align objectives, measure progress, and make informed decisions. To foster economic development in Iran, adopting a balanced scorecard approach that incorporates education, technology, law, and the economy is essential. This adaptable methodology, initially designed for businesses but applicable to governments and non-profit organizations, facilitates collaboration through project-based initiatives, promoting unity and the collective construction of a prosperous Iran.

Section 4: A Monte Carlo Simulation for Economic Projections

Upon completing the integrated collaboration model, we can further enhance our understanding by running a Monte Carlo simulation. This simulation will provide insights into the potential outcomes of GDP, unemployment rate, inflation, and standard of living. Such projections help us assess the impact of our initiatives and set attainable targets for each one.


The integrated collaboration system outlined here brings much-needed clarity to our collective efforts. It unites us, enables us to focus on what matters most, and facilitates collaboration with professionals in Iran to develop initiatives and establish realistic goals. Furthermore, it provides clarity for the international community, allowing them to evaluate the gains and losses associated with supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people. Ultimately, this clarity empowers our compatriots in Iran, fostering belief in possibilities and inspiring them to strive for the Iran they truly deserve.

Our Ask

We call for the introduction of projects and initiatives that address these objectives through collaboration with academics and entrepreneurs in Iran, igniting a collective effort towards an Iranaissance.

Join us for project introductions, collaborations from inside Iran and across the world

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